24th September 2015

Tips for lower taxi insurance premiums

Paying for your insurance can often be a bit of a headache. In fact, insuring a vehicle is probably the biggest expense a taxi driver has to deal with, and just like any other motorist, you’ll surely want to find the best available cover for the lowest possible price.

Seems an impossible task, doesn’t it? But there are actually quite a few nifty things you can do to help reduce the premiums on your taxi insurance.

Choosing the right vehicle

When it comes to getting your vehicle, it’s natural that you’ll be looking at key factors like fuel efficiency and passenger capacity to make sure you get the most out of it for your needs. That’s why it helps to check out which of the 50 insurance groups your chosen model belongs to. Anything list in groups 1-20 are always a safe bet, but higher vehicle groups are deemed to be more high risk and could bring higher premiums along with them!

Earn that No Claims bonus

New driver? It might be worth just biting the bullet and getting the higher premium to start off with. By driving carefully, you can slowly but surely start build up your no claims bonus. As this accumulates, you’ll be able to see noticeable drops on your insurance premiums year on year. Think of a high premium as an investment into lower costs later on… as long as you don’t get yourself involved in any scrapes!

Keep your vehicle secure

fw-cartheftIt pretty much goes without saying, but taking active measures to keep your vehicle safe is essential. Don’t leave mobiles or Sat-Navs inside when unattended, and if you do, certainly don’t leave them on show. Parking off the road, inside a garage or driveway with a locked gate will improve security, reducing the risk of theft. Make sure the information about storage and security is reflected in your quote to get a lower premium.

Forget comparison sites

It might sound counter-intuitive to ignore comparison websites – after all, everyone wants to get the best deal. However, the best available deal for you most likely won’t appear on any of them.

What’s more, we can instantly generate an accurate quote for you in seconds using our online quote builder. Find out more about our Taxi Insurance and Minibus Insurance services, and try it out for yourself to see how low your premiums could be.

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