10th September 2015

The students are coming – promoting your taxis to a new customer base

As we approach the end of September, local taxi firms could see a brand new customer base descending on their turf. With the University year about to begin, new students will be flocking to unfamiliar towns and cities, to live away from home for the first time.

Having the freedom to explore a strange new city is a rite of passage for Freshers. Add on the fact that many students will be out until the small hours, enjoying themselves with drinks, it often falls to taxi drivers to make sure they get about safe and sound.

Make a big impression

For many newcomers to the area, there’ll be very little knowledge of the local taxis. It’s important to make an impact on Freshers as soon as possible, especially as local rival firms will be eager to grab a slice of the student custom too.

Making contact with the local universities is always a good way in – many Students’ Unions and university-owned accommodation will have information points for everything, from What’s On flyers to greasy take-away menus. Use these to display posters and distribute flyers to those who’ll use your service.

If you want to get the word out to students face-to-face, Freshers’ Fair is always worth a good shout. Often taking place in late-September or early-October, Freshers’ Fairs allow local organisations including libraries, local emergency services and those all-important late night take-aways, to promote themselves to students directly.

A key selling point of Freshers’ Fairs to students is the amount of freebies. If you want to make a good impression, think about promoting your firm with merchandise. Whether it’s on a pen, keyring or bottle opener, getting your phone number printed on something handy can be much more effective than a poster or calling card to drum up interest. What’s more, giving away some freebies shouldn’t pose as too much of a loss, as the increase in student custom will generate more revenue.

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