22nd October 2015

New prototype design for black cabs unveiled

Hot on the heels of our history feature last month, the London Taxi Company (LTC) has revealed the latest model of cab to hit the streets of London in 2017.

The LTC-designed TX5 cab is part of a £250 million initiative directed by new parent company, the Chinese manufacturer Geely. The unveiling ties in with Chinese president, Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK, giving hope to the model branching out to international markets too.

Rebuilding a classic

While the TX5 retains features of the iconic black cab, every single component within the new model has been redesigned from scratch in order to ensure use of the latest technologies throughout. On top of this, the redesigned cab adheres to current passenger needs and future environmental requirements.

The TX5 accommodates for six face-to-face passenger seats without compromising on legroom, alongside rear-hinged door for wheelchair access. To keep the vehicles in line with London’s reputation as a modern and connected city, device charging ports will be provided to passengers and WiFi connectivity will be available in-vehicle.

Existing as an electric hybrid, the cab will be able to perform to a zero-emissions standard, which will be mandatory across all new cabs in London from 2018. Despite its four-cylinder petrol engine, the TX5 will be able to run for extended periods on battery power alone, however, Geely has kept quiet about any further technical details.

Peter Johansen, CEO of The London Taxi Company noted his excitement at revealing the prototype design, stating: “The new vehicle has a wealth of new features, which will all be tried and tested and then tested again to provide a perfect balance of timeless design driven by ground-breaking technology”.

By taking influences from decades of black cab models, this unveiling showcases the next step in the evolution of the iconic taxi, whilst keeping one foot firmly rooted in its history. Shortly after the vehicle’s UK launch at the end of 2017, the TX5 is set to make its way across the globe from 2018 to give international markets a flavour of the traditional London cab.

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