24th September 2015

Tips for lower taxi insurance premiums

Paying for your insurance can often be a bit of a headache. In fact, insuring a vehicle is probably the biggest expense.........
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16th September 2015

Only fools use horses! – The secret history of the Hackney cab

Ever wondered where the term “Hackney cab” comes from? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? They’re named after the London borough of Hackney,.........
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10th September 2015

The students are coming – promoting your taxis to a new customer base

As we approach the end of September, local taxi firms could see a brand new customer base descending on their turf. With.........
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4th September 2015

Infographic: Falling fuel prices

Last week, we reported on dropping fuel prices and how the news can sure benefit taxi drivers. But if you hate reading.........
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28th August 2015

Time to pay less at the pumps

We could soon be paying around £1 per litre – or even less – at the pumps, as the price of crude.........
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