10th September 2015

The students are coming – promoting your taxis to a new customer base

As we approach the end of September, local taxi firms could see a brand new customer base descending on their turf. With.........
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4th September 2015

Infographic: Falling fuel prices

Last week, we reported on dropping fuel prices and how the news can sure benefit taxi drivers. But if you hate reading.........
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28th August 2015

Time to pay less at the pumps

We could soon be paying around £1 per litre – or even less – at the pumps, as the price of crude.........
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19th August 2015

The new zero-tolerance approach to speeding

Sometimes it’s normal for motorists to temporarily drift a little over the designated speed limit. After all, who amongst us hasn’t unwittingly.........
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10th August 2015

Local taxis vs. Uber – The online taxi service spreads

After taking the US by storm, the online taxi booking service Uber has branched across the globe, coming into prominence in the.........
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