16th March 2016

When it may be necessary to refuse a fare

Most drivers for hire are very reliant on their fares as a means of income. It’s actually pretty rare that a driver.........
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8th March 2016

Protecting your no claims discount – is it worth it?

As a private or public hire driver, boasting a hefty no claims discount can almost be a badge of honour. By accumulating.........
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22nd February 2016

The pros and cons of sat-nav in your taxi

It’s now possible for some private hire drivers to get their licences without necessarily knowing their surroundings. The widespread use of GPS.........
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11th February 2016

Following up on fuel costs – is a price rise on the way?

About six months ago, we reported on falling fuel prices and how we’d soon end up paying less than £1 a litre.........
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4th February 2016

What items have passengers left in taxis?

Try all you want to deny it, but us humans are a forgetful bunch! It’s not uncommon for any passenger to accidentally.........
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