19th April 2016

Our Recommend a Friend discount gets a big thumbs-up!

We know you hate having to fork out for your insurance renewal. That’s why we love to give a little something back.........
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13th April 2016

Uber to fork out millions for misleading safety claims

The controversial ride-sharing service Uber has had the rug pulled from under it yet again, after being ordered to pay $10m (£7m)..........
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6th April 2016

Which type of taxi insurance cover to go for and why?

Just like any other motorist, taxi drivers are required to have insurance in order to protect themselves, their vehicles, passengers and others.........
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31st March 2016

What to do when faced with a difficult passenger

As with any industry, a large majority of taxi customers will be approachable, friendly and courteous. It’s extremely rare to come across.........
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24th March 2016

Infographic: Taxi fares around the world

Have you ever wondered what drivers around the world charge their passengers? Our research took us all around the globe (well, we.........
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