A Country Garden,
Scattered Ashes &
a Gust of Wind
One afternoon, I picked up an elderly lady from the local train station.
She was carrying something but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.
When we reached her destination – a house in the country.
She asked if I could wait outside for about 10 minutes...
"I JUST NEED TO SCATTER MY HUSBAND'S ASHES." That object she held was an urn! And it turns out the house is where her
late husband used to live. She was only gone for a minute before she
came back.
I thought that was a bit quick!
But she told me she couldn’t even get the lid off the urn and asked if I
could help her.
It was quite a windy day and we got a well-timed gust just as I managed
to get the lid off. I ended up with ashes all over me!
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