June 2016

27th June 2016

What does Brexit mean for the British taxi industry?

The dust still hasn’t quite settled on last week’s historic in/out referendum on the EU, but we want to try our best.........
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22nd June 2016

Infographic: Public Taxi Hotspots

Every day, hundreds of passengers rely on public taxis while they’re out and about. For all those spontaneous journeys, a nearby taxi.........
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14th June 2016

Which car is best to use as a minicab?

As a private hire minicab driver, it’s entirely up to you what vehicle you use to carry out your daily work. Ideally,.........
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6th June 2016

It’s Cabbies vs Uber at Euro 2016 in France!

As the first match in the 2016 UEFA European Championship gets ready to kick-off, it looks as though there’s going to be.........
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1st June 2016

Infographic: 50 years of difference in taxis

It’s strange to think of how the taxi industry may have operated before digital technology, eco-friendly engines and even decimal currency. What.........
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